33 1/3

In in the kill taker

Joe gross


I love this 33 1/3 series where you take an album and write a book about it. I love it even more when fugazi are the recipients of the research. 
In this age of playlists and songs here, songs there it was a privilege to sit down, take out in on the kill taker and “put the needle on the record”. 
In the interests of getting this review done and assisting with my reading of the book I took out my headphones, cranked up the volume and delighted in the band.
It takes little for me to delight in fugazi. Most definitely the most important band for me in my record collection fugazi signifies what music is to my world. Meaningful, thoughtful and out to provoke and entertain. Fugazi do that in spades. 
 I know many people who are fans of fugazi and all of them would like this band to be still around making their statements. 
There’s no real insightful stories here but would you expect that with this band. More an honest recollection of a great record from a brilliant band.
Get those headphones on and reconnect

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