Some weekend for gigs this weekend. For the punks Cockney Rejects and Old Firm Casuals are on Friday with the Casualties on Saturday. For the noiseniks the Messtethics are on Sunday which will be great to see Joe Lally and brendan Canty from Fugazi playing once more together in Dublin. Saturday has the fascinating Spook of the thirteenth lock performing Lockout in Unitarian Church

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock will perform Lockout in its entirety one last time at Dublin’s Unitarian Church on Saturday, February 2nd, before beginning work on their next album.

“In their transformation into this hydra of guitars, what The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock have done with ‘Lockout’ is create a sonically literate, textured and diverse ensemble piece that moves deftly through genres and time signatures, enriching its characters and enlivening an era.”
Golden Plec

“Amidst the wide-spanning and ambitious storytelling, however, The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock’s aptitude as musicians should not be overlooked. Pairing the soundtrack – be it the shimmer of scene-setting guitar, the trad-folk rumble of the ordinary man’s tale, the light, toe-tappy cadence of a gentle interlude or Blighe’s stoic vocal as he becomes another character in the fascinating narrative, they prove themselves masterful musical storytellers. From start to finish, a remarkable piece of work.” The Irish Times

This weeks Dublin gigs – Jan 29 – Feb 3

The Dead South – Button Factory, Jan 30
Rachael Lavelle, Lemoncello, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Aidan Mathews, Maia Nunes – Lilliput Press, Jan 30
Rosie Carney – Workmans Club, Jan 30
Moon Looks on The Pine, Pilcrow, Hatchlings – Whelans, Jan 31
Charlie Winston – Grand Social, Jan 31
Trick Mist – Bello Bar, Jan 31
Black Midi – Workmans Club, Jan 31
Larry Dean – Whelans, Feb 1
Mules and Men – Bello Bar, Feb 1
Malcom Middleton – Grand Social, Feb 1
Cockney Rejects, Old Firm Casuals – Button Factory, Feb 1

Bands and DJ’s playing the music of the Cramps – Underground, Feb 1

Spook of the thirteenth lock play Lockout – Unitarian Church – Feb 2

The Casualties – Fibbers, Feb 2
The Pale – Whelans, Feb 2
Nikki Bluhm – Grand Social, Feb 2
Evil Scarecrow, Ten Foot Wizard – On The Rox Feb 2
The Messthetics – Grand Social, Feb 3
The Unelectables – Whelans, Feb 3

List of upcoming gigs here

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