Burning down George Orwell’s House
Andrew Ervin
Soho Press

Hard to 1984 was 35 years ago. Even harder to comprehend that the book was written 36 years previously.

You know all those tales of people throwing caution to the wind and picking a direction with your life? As a settled worker with the same employer for three decades it is hard to comprehend that people do take a leap. There does come a time to allow dreams come true.

This story is about one persons dream, to visit and stay in the cottage Orwell (or Eric Blair as the locals knew him by his name) write 1984. He had no other grand plan, just to up sticks his well paid job in Chicago and live on an island in Scotland. It is a story of whiskey, Orwell, money, deceit and potential murder. All on an isolated island.

This was a decent way to spend a Sunday

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