Fibbers will keep you busy this weekend with Shithatt, the Nilz and Buck Eejit there on Friday and Headstone Horrors playing on Saturday with Audible Joes and Four Men Dead. That might keep you from the Vulpynes on Sturday in the Academy. If you still have some energy pop down to the Wild Duck for El Clash Combo on Sunday afternoon

M HUNCHO – Academy 2, Sep 24
TINY MOVING PARTS – Grand Social, Sep 24
LITTLE HOURS – Whelans, Sep 25
SEAFOAM GREEN – Workmans Club, Sep 25
WINTERSLEEP – Grand Social, Sep 25
SPIRIAL STAIRS – Whelans, Sep 26
THE LAFONTAINES – Workmans Club, Sep 26
This Ain’t No Disco – D-Light Studios, Sep 26
AMY MONTGOMERY – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 26
John Gibbons – Academy, Sep 27
WOB – Sin E, Sep 27
STARS – Workmans Club, Sep 27
INHALER – Whelans, Sep 27
NEALO – Grand Social, Sep 27
Jooce and Skinner – Whelans, Sep 27
Shithätt, The Nilz, Buck Ejjit, Fierce Pit Bosse – Fibbers, Sep 27
JANE WILLOW – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 27
Horse, Grief Eater, Native, Electricals, – The Hut, Sep 28
Vernon Jane – Sine E, Sep 28
THE HOWL and THE HUM – Workmans Club, Sep 28
VULPYNES – Grand Social, Sep 28
Headstone Horrors, Audible Joes, Four Men Dead – Fibbers, Sep 28
GEORGE OGILVIE- Whelans Upstairs, Sep 28
ANN SCOTT – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 29
El Clash Combo – Wild Duck, Sep 29
Acid Granny, Julia Louise Knifelist, icebear – Workmans Club, Sep 29
GAELYNN LEA – Workmans Club, Sep 30

Full list of upcoming gigs here

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