Play of the day – bridge and tunnel 

East / West

No idea record

I have been accused many times in the past of starting many reviews with recollections of the past. For those accusers here’s proof that you are correct. 

I loved Latterman, saw them play in dublin. It was an amazing gig and along with against me I believed in a bright future being screamed about. That light fades every now and then but there has to be light at the end of the tunnel. Through the morass of society with all its proclamations around populism and climate catastrophe and how individuals are taking over the world rather than community centred citizens. 

Bridge and tunnel believed, like latterman, in community. A community they scream to belong to. 

My favourite lyric in this album

“the core of the apple is rotten but somehow the skin still shines”.

It reminds me why I love New York and walking those wondorous streets thinking of the decadence if days gone by, thankfully happy that it’s safe to do so. This record is over 10 years old and is emo noise hardcore at its best. 

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