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Recutting the crap volume II

The future was unwritten 

Crooked beat records

The first iteration of this record completely passed me by. Crooked beat records have decided to show some love for a much loved band but have picked their least popular era. That in itself is a brave move. 

Joe strummer and mick Jones are the punk Lennon and McCartney, whether we like it or not their songs are snippets of history and nearly 40 years later (as this is clash era post split in 1985) that history still resonates.

Crooked beat records is a label and record shop based in Virginia promoting music from the DC area and its environs. Local bands with a passion for the clash aren’t hard to find and so when local authors mark Andersen and Ralph Heibutzki put together their book “we are the clash” crooked beat decided to provide the soundtrack.

And now they’ve done it twice. This time it’s a double with some cut the crap era clash sings and other Jones and strummer penned classics that were written post clash. 
How can one go wrong with these songs?

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