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fire and fury: inside the trump whitehouse
Michael Wolff
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When a book contains The line “senior staff believed the president had a problem with reality, and reality was now overwhelming him.”we know we need to take note. When the president in question is president of the USA We know it’s time to get worried. When the book isn’t a work of fiction maybe we should be terrified but this excellent insider account of Donald trumps first 6 months in the whitehouse does make for alarming reading. 
It is a home for the brave to enter as the firing squad is out as much as an episode of the apprentice. you’re fired does seem to ring through quite a bit as the current President if the USA was laying down a marker for his term. It is being done his way, with gentle expert prodding from some people. 

It all wasn’t supposed to be like this. Wolff claims Trump never really believed that he would win, his wife never expected to be living in the whitehouse. The campaign was built on slogans and little political expertise. Don’t trust the establishment seemed to be the key to getting the keys to the establishments Castle. Of course Donald Trump is a political outsider and while success in his campaign came as something of a shock he was ready to take it on, with all the Gil and vigour and contradiction of his life. 
It makes for an interesting tale, sad to see the long term staff looking on and wondering what’s going to happen.

Diplomats that had spent years building relationships started seeing bulldozer tweets smashing that hard fought war of words. And the bulldozers keep on coming, smashing everything in its way as we wait and wait for the end result. 


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