This weeks Hope Show, number 131, is now available here

The Playlist

  1. Chumbawamba – Bella Ciao
  2. Commoners Choir – Spinning Home
  3. Interrobang? – Mad As Hell
  4. Off With Their Heads – Come Find Me, Eyes of Death
  5. Bouncing Souls – Rebel Songs
  6. The Brokedowns – Pardon The Light
  7. Global Discontent – Your Flags, Our Misery
  8. Joe Solo – Hang On In There Brother
  9. Fly Pan Am – One Hit Wonder
  10. The Lovely Eggs – I shouldn’t have said that
  11. Bratakus – No More Love Songs
  12. Abrazos – Armchair Racism
  13. Wedding Present – Kennedy
  14. The Chesterfields – Ask Johnny Dee
  15. Wonk UNit – Go Easy
  16. Eric Bachman – The Old Temptation
  17. Dealing With Damage – The people I see
  18. Dauntless Elite – Running Battle

The Lowdown

Starting tonight with a few Chumbawamba related tracks. I could do whole series of shows with Chumba and associated spin off bands and recordings. Chumbawamba received a lot of stick in the diy scene when they signed to EMI records. It’s hard to comprehend these days exactly what the fuss was over but people got very animated over a bunch of peoples career choice, they were no different people afterwards and the collective members are still as active as ever regardless of the bands status.

Boff, from the band has now started Commoners Choir – a group of 70 people using their voice to talk about things.

Dunstan and Harry from the band are now in Interrobang? creating a glorious post punk noise and call to action. They are still Mad As Hell and they are not going to take it anymore.

Dublin is in a great place these days for punk gigs. One band coming in May is Off WIth Their Heads, I’m fortunate in that I will see them In Manchester as part of the Manchester Punk Festival in April. Some great sing along punk rock anthems

Bouncing Souls are another band in that vein, albeit a bit more musical.

I got the Brokedowns Sick of Space lp on vinyl last year. I was rooting around looking for the download of it and came across this record. From Chicago on Red Scare Industries records.

It will come as no surprise for me to say that the Hope Show is an anti-fascist show. So any band that appears on Various Musician against Fascism will get the thumbs up from me. Global Discontent are one such band

Joe Solo is not on that record but would no doubt would be on it. His is a solo show of empathetic change. We are all in it together for Joe.

Fly Pan Am are from Quebec and on Constellation Records. They get lot of comparisons to Godspeed You Black Emperor and are part of that scene. It’s an electronic feel so close your hands, ove your head and dream about what all these bands are singing of

The Lovely eggs are another band coming to dublin soon. They have some sound for a two piece.

ANother 2 piece are Scotish punks, Bratakus. I played them a few weeks ago but just in case you’ve forgotten about their existence I’ve picked a different song from their Target Grrl debut lp, out on Screaming Babies Records

Abrazos play fast political punk rock. This is from their demo.

When I saw the wedding present around this time last year for the second time in less than 6 months I was still completely taken with their guitar and irrreverence

I love the Chesterfields – pure pop. My mate John Dee worked in Freebird Records in town and I can’t play this song without thinking of him and all thise happy Saturday afternoons hanging out in record shops learning and absorbing.

Wonk Unit are over here in September, go see them. They are great – enough said.

Archers Of Loaf singer Eric Bachman has eleased a few solo albums – this is from this self title third one

I played Dealing With Damage last week but this new record is so good it demands more of your attention – Out now on Little Rocket Records “Ask The Questions” for sure

I’m finishing to nights who with the dauntless elite, another UK guitar punk band with lots of great songs.

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