Play of the day: Bratakus

Target grrl BratakusScreaming babies records An honest two piece attacking patriarchy and a way of life that promotes inequality. The drum machine bashes with intent as sisters have a two pronged attack. It harks back to mid late 80s anacho scene with mid - fast paced sing along angry songs. Those songs still need singing. … Continue reading Play of the day: Bratakus

Rebellion 2017 – Day 1

Rebellion 2017 day 1 And so we return. A little greyer, mostly a little bigger but no less enthusiastic. Blackpool 2017 for this first weekend of August is less kiss me quick and donkey rides and more punk rock nostalgia as the home of the 80s political conferences is taken over by the punks. 7 … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 1

Rebellion 2017 Bratakus,

BRATAKUS   It's not even four o,clock and I already have a new favourite band. Girls and boys looking for contemporary punk role models need look no further They are two-piece, so lazy comparisons with House of f Freaks and even Carter the USM are inevitable, yet that shouldn't take away from how original and … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 Bratakus,