The Brokedowns

Sick Of Space

Red Scare Industries

I love a punk rock singalong. In days of yore when shaking hands wasn’t seen as an potential act of terrorism I was up the front at many gigs, sharing smiles and happiness with legions of others. Bands that had sing along pieces, loud guitars and with a timing you could beat your fist along to were top of my list for entertainment.

If you haven’t experienced the feeling of being in the middle of a heaving crowd singing along, fists in the air then you will have no idea of what I’m talking about. if you were, you know. It’s not top secret, a group of 3 or 4 (sometimes more, rarely less) take their guitar bass and drums and bash them with as much feeling as they can muster. Vocals are screamed at the top of anyones lungs, range doesn’t matter – they are generally low enough in the mix but high enough to matter.

It always seems like bands like this care – whether that’s about the kids in the audience or those friends playing music or the scene they are in. Brokedowns remind me of those days. i hope they will return, just so you can fell that energy.


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