Hope Show 141 – The Playlist

This weeks Hope show is available here

  1. Boy Racer – Normalcy
  2. Charmpit – Wild Wild Westfield
  3. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind – Hot Kid
  4. Franz Nicolay – Home Is Where They Take You In
  5. Nana – Tour Is Over
  6. Modern Enemy – Sacrifice
  7. Abolitionist – Ugly Feeling
  8. Witching Waves – Waiting For The Sun
  9. Honest Thieves – Open Letter
  10. Okkultokrati – Cold and Cruel
  11. xibalba – En La Osculridad
  12. Chuck D + Henry Rollins – Rise Above
  13. Fresh – Cinema Woes
  14. Hikes – Extra Mile
  15. Concept Car – I miss the mountains
  16. Daiei Spray – Wassernaide
  17. Oceanator – I’m So Tired
  18. Mall’d To Death – Maximum Rest’n’Relaxation
  19. Migraines – Transport Pigs
  20. Puget Sound – You’re Guilty

Hope Show 141 – The Lowdown

Boyracer, normalcy from their All Day long EP. I’m playing this to figure out the phrase the new normal. What it means I do not know but I think it’s slowly being added to the dictionary along with social distancing and self isolation. Normal is, just that.

Charmpit have a new record out, Cause A Stir – this is from that. I like their anarchic pop punk sound.

I was thinking about the proposed return of the English Premier League during the week as all sorts of theories abound about what is going to happen. I won’t add to those hypotheses but some say Leeds United will be in the Premiership. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank played premiership football for Leeds and this band is named after him. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind – is that a good enough link?

That song is from a Make That a Take compilation, live at Kesbri Studios, so it is to another make that a take comp that i go to for the next two songs. Dae Yer Ane Sampler has a folkier vibe but it is all DIY and a spirit of inclusiveness and Franz Nicolay embodies this

I was reading about nana in Good lookin south zine which I got during the week. It was a pretty cool tour diary so it reminded me to remind you of nana and this cool zine

Time to bring up the noise with Modern Enemy. They played Ireland a couple of times and also Rebellion. They have a modern so-cal hardcore sound. Full of powerful hooks and tunes

Abolitionist brought out an album last year, Ugly Feeling. This is the title track from it.

Witching Waves have a new lp out on Specialist Subject, I’ve sent away for it and will have it soon. IN the meantime here’s a song from a specialist Subject compilation

Honest Thieves have that heartfelt tuneful screamo sound down well. Don’t you agree

Okkultokrati are a powerful 5 a side team from Norway. They have a new record coming out on Southern Lord, La iLden Lyse. it’s a co-ordinated racket well worth your time.

Xibalba aslo have a record coming out on Southern Lord. Although hailing from California they sing in Spanish and English. Again it’s powerful with nods to doom metal or something like that. A powerful racket is what I call it.

One of the first bands to have such a powerful racket was Blag Flag. A band that spawned so many and whose influence is way being just music. This is Henry Rollins and Chuck D from Public Enemy covering a Black Flag classic, released as a benefit.

Fresh have a great twitter account, freshpunks. Even better their punk pop sound is fresh and their These things are not Fun record is a great collection of tunes.

Hikes have a great record put on Community Records called Mahal Kita. I picked it up during the week on download and it is a great ecelctic sound.

Make that a take don’t just do cow punk records. This is a recent release from the synth fuelled post hardcore group Concept Car. It’s a real grower

We are getting around the world tonight – Daiei Spray are Japanese hardcore band

Back to the States again with Oceanator‘s Fugazi cover, I’m So Tired. It’s a strange time we are living in but there’s some days when I just feel so tired/ Days when it’s hard to rise out of bed and face the sunlight or see the sky. I know many of us feel that way and it will pass as the days sun sets

Maximum Rest’n’relaxation is what some people are having these days and I can’t think of too many better ways to spend some part of your day than listening to Mall’d To Death More Than a sinking feeling on GC Records

Migraines like to be obnoxious, they are an irreverent punk band from Bristol

I’m finishing tonight with the post hardcore noise of Puget Sound from Dublin who brought out a split with Kidd Blunt many moons ago.

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