Covers EP
Engineer Records

Antillectual have been a political band since day one of their existence, but circumstances are changing and perspectives are shifting. A statement from their website

“As a band we hope to stay or become such allies and ambassadors, when and where we can. We hope to learn and evolve in a constantly developing world. This is the only way we can truly try to change this world and make it a better place. For all. Make sure to end up on the right side of history.”

This is the sort of band I want to listen to. These are the people that make punk rock so great. They have just released their “covers” ep. Where they go back beyond their more melodic roots and record 4 songs from bands that were there before the speed kicked in.

You get their take on The Police, Blondie, The Stooges and the Ramones. All songs with great melodies and hardened up with the Antillectual sound.


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