the girl who saved the king of Sweden

Jonas jonasson

4th estate books

Wow. The pages of this book move from one madcap Adventure to another bound by history. It all starts with 2 stories from different continents. A slave girl in apartheid South Africa and a deranged anti royalist in Sweden. 

The girl has a remarkable iq and thirst for knowledge, the Swedish man has very little brains but is father to twin boys. He only ever wanted one son so they both get called the same name and he registers one. The girls moves in complex ways and the two paths of the two unregistered nameless people cross. Cross in the most bizarrest of circumstances. 

It’s a book full of humour laced with characters you can relate to, we all know bits and pieces of each of the protagonists, even the King of Sweden and as I read through each page glorious images are conjoured up. 


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