The Worms
Back To The Bog
Hidden Bay Records

A 10 track aural assault here. The worms could be blasting from your garage or punking it out from the 100 Club. They are short and acerbic cuts.

I was sitting down nicely at home reading the morning newspaper about decaying democracy in Belarus, Hungary, Poland. Beside it another article spoke of Turkey and France having a potential row over Azebaijan and then there was reports from the grip Corona virus has over the UK and US. Yep, just settling in for some entertainment! All my thoughts of impedning doom vanished right from the first blast og guitar when Humble Brag started. At times it’s thee milkshakes but then could quite easily be Crass. Or Gang of Four.

I put the paper down and listened as the vocals are spitted out with that English snarl. 23 minutes later and it’s over. I stopped for a breath of air. Reflected on my surroundings, picked the paper back up to read about 2 adults bickering as one shouted over the other in what was being passed as a debate. I wondered had that just happened. I needed to find out more, put Back to the Bog back on again as the treble nearly exploded through my speakers. Yep it’s that good. This time around it sounded in parts like Crass playing the 101ers while Gang Of Four are rehearsing in the adjoining room.

My only regret when it all ends is how come these aren’t being written about everywhere


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