I had Metayouth as play of the day last week and asked Dakota to pick this weeks Thursday tunes

  1. Pony – Wavves: It’s no secret my band Metayouth is basically a ripoff of Wavves. King of the Beach was the soundtrack to my highschool years, but I never really dug on anything after that. I recently checked out ‘V’ from 2015 and Pony really caught my ear. I’m all about some catchy vocals melodies. And Pony has got it all

2. Cellophane – Knapsack:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the best song ever written. I fucking love 90’s pop punk and emo and this song is the perfect marriage of those two. So catchy. My mood is elevated every time I put this one on.

3. Dead! – My Chemical Romance:

This is another one I slept on. I grew up with Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, but didn’t really dive deep into MCR until recently. I love this song so much. You might notice a theme here of catchy vocal melodies. They’re important. This one is no exception.

4. First of the Gang to Die – Morrissey:

Morrissey never goes out of style. This song is so damn catchy and no wonder! This record was produced by pop punk legend Jerry Finn! Go google the records Jerry Finn produced. It’ll blow your mind. RIP!

5. Poprocks and Coke Green Day

My favorite Green Day is when they do poppy songs with an acoustic guitar. This is the best example of that for sure. Such a catchy song. This is just classic pop punk Green Day at their best. Acoustic guitars and Green Day are a perfect pair.

Dakota Gilliland is metayouth

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