Capital is dead

Is this something worse

Mckenzie Wark

Verso Books

In its introduction wark encourages people to make some noise, it may at least be a better way to channel ones rage than ordering Patti Smith albums on Amazon. And with that I’m in.

Mention punk rock and a critiques of capitalism or Karl Marx takes on a different perspective for me. Say that Marx was a punk and I’m intrigued. Wark does reference Marx quite a lot throughout the critique. I counted 19 references to Marx on one page. I try not to define my politics by an ism or follow the writings of one person so am a bit lost with the cultural theory references however I can easily understand the statement that capitalism is dead, it’s what follows that really matters. 

And that’s what’s featured about here. Do we move to neo-liberalism or a new version of capitalism or do we aim for something else? Wark contends we have run out of world to cannibalize and commodify- while that can be argued the moot point is true. What other world is possible we are asked? 

The battle lines have changed over the last century. It’s not as simple as them and us anymore. It is not the ruling class keeping the working Class in line. We could argue it is the establishment fighting for its life but not really against an ideology, maybe it’s against being found out.

Terms like working class, comrades and fraternal greeting like brothers and sisters might still have their place but their relevance is minimal in today’s struggle. It is not class in the historical sense but there still is very much two sides and when it comes down to it which side are you on?


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