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  1. The Sound: Sense of Purpose
  2. UK Decay: For My Country
  3. The Higsons: I Don’t Want to Live with Monkeys
  4. Tymon Dogg : Lose This Skin
  5. Blue Orchids: Bad Education
  6. Ludus: Mother’s Hour
  7. Sisters of Mercy: Emma (John Peel session)
  8. Bauhaus: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

In Part 2 of our chat about Futurama we get to play some more songs from bands that played the festival in 1981. More importantly we talk of the journey made by 2 young Dublin people to make it to the festival via ferry. Their first time out of Ireland when the rest of us were preparing for Sunday Mass. Tonight’s chat discusses the ingredients of Punk Rock, how influential were the Fall and Pete Burns days as a worker in Probe Records.

Bauhaus Futurama, Stafford 9/5/1981 241/2A © STEVE RAPPORT

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