Dark Blue
My Despair Behind the glory – my journey back from the edge
Shane Carthy
OBrien Press

This must have been such a difficult book to write or a hard experience to share. Either that or a cathartic journey stuck in the dark clouds of depression.

Shane Carthy’s main focus as a young adult was sport. He played GAA for Dublin and looked to be a star for the future. As he explains himself on the outside it seems like he had it all.

Under the veneer though he was just a kid growing up, like everyone else, trying to figure out his way in the world. His mind was his enemy as he battled with self confidence and doubt, not just around his sport but in his attempts to put one foot in front of the other. I have some experience with this, not to the same scale as Shane but it is great to see it in the written form. It may be a release for Shane but having these words and this story told will be a release for so many.

I have no doubt that there’s a lot of people meandering along, especially with our pandemic feelings, trying to find a way or a sense of purpose to their belonging here. Some have lost the battle and left behind scars that will never fade. Others are holding on, hoping for some light. Books like this can help.

A story told just like that. Here is Shane’s tale, it could be you or I but here is what has happened to this one guy who also happened to be fortunate enough to play football for his county.


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