The latest hope show / gabfest is available to listen to here

Myself and Michael choose 5 songs each that meant something in our punk rock history tour. Tonight it’s 1980 but we have managed to sneak in an extra one from the Clash as their London Calling album was released in the States in February of this year.

  1. The Ruts: Staring at the Rude Boys
  2. Crass – Do They Owe us A living
  3. The Clash: London Calling Single released in 1980
  4. Girls at Our Best: Getting Nowhere Fast
  5. DOA – World War 3
  6. X: Los Angeles
  7. Discharge – Decontrol
  8. Killing Joke: Wardance
  9. Undertones – My Perfect Cousin (important band to have in there) – northen irish punks
  10. The Jam – Going Underground
  11. Cockney Rejects – Oi Oi Oi

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