another Planet
A Teenager In Suburbia
Tracey Thorn
Canongate Books

We all want to know more about people we know. Sometimes we know them as workmates, school friends or just pals. Sometimes as lovers, as neighbours or as people we listen to – be that on screen or through our speakers.

Tracey thorn is one such person. As a child of the late 60s who listened to music avidly in the late 80s it’s impossible not to know of the singer in everything but the girl. Herself and ben watt entered my radar but my punk collection won out most of the time.

This book is a beautiful read interspersing thorns diaries and her memories of growing up outside London. It paints a vivid picture of her discos at the weekends, her shopping trips and subsequent interest in music. It is a woman talking about her life growing up as a girl. I’m happy to know more about Tracy Thorn but would be happy to read this tale regardless of the person involved.

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