The Lee Harveys

I was having a big discussion the other day about the ideal format for listening to music. Maybe it’s a generational thing but Vinyl for me is the best. The whole experience of putting that record on the turntable and the needle on the record is part of the experience. The sound that comes from vinyl is so much better for my ears than a purely digital experience.

Here’s where I’m wrong, my friend (or maybe foe) explained. You don’t listen to digital music with the correct system he exclaimed. Bandcamp on a phone isn’t the same as a proper stereo and amp turned up at the right volume. For me downloads are played on my computer, records are on my stereo. Maybe that’s wrong but I’m happy to stick to vinyl. There is a sense of occassion of taking that record out of the sleeve and perusing the artowrk while the songs are being played. I was delighted when I took this 10″ out of it’s lovely packaged sleeve.

Sam’s bass kicks it all off as Paul’s drums join in while PA’s guitar screams out as Bitzy sings “there is a time there is a place where you can and leave no trace” in that distinctive voice during Generation Kill.

As with all Lee Harvey’s records there is a nod to US culture with a song about Detroit’s exploits in the 60’s “Don’t give me danger give me hope” is the rallying cry. The Lee Harveys are ready to stand up for issues close to them as Bitzy asks us to Stand Up “If we don’t stand up we will fall” he tries to explain.

The band have played many benefits as those issues close to their heart are supported. It’s 2021 and it’s time to Stamp Out Racism is certainly an argument I will find no fault in.

It’s a nod to punk rock 1977 style. Deep down I’m getting visions of the Vapors, maybe even the Ramones or early Paranoid Visions with a small nod to glam rock even but always a record I’m happy to put that needle on to.


One thought on “Play of the day Dublins Lee Harveys

  1. Cheers Niall.

    Your mate is partly correct. Of course digital is a purer format, but that requires audibly perfect files that have 5 figure recording bills. Properly cut vinyl is the perfect substrate for guitar based, low budget and unsubtle music by a long way though

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