Desperate Measures
Easy Action Records

1981, Christchurch, New Zealand and a young Eugene Butcher starts Desperate Measures. A band influenced by Punk Rock but definitely with one eye on the Rock.

Youth was wasted on the young so here they are 4 decades later, a continent away and a new mini album about to be unleashed on Easy Action records. The only original member is the aforementioned Butcher as the band are firmly located in London now. They have had a pretty steady line-up now with Gaff (Glitterati, Rich Ragany & The Digressions), bassist Ricky McGuire (The Men They Couldn’t Hang, UK Subs) and drummer James Sherry (K-Line, Done Lying Down).

This is a 6 track mini lp 10″ on vinly and available for download / streaming. But this is one you want that needle on the record for.

Track by track it goes

The Rich Tual
Guitar lick – snarling vocals a train ride carrying passengers looking to escape from the state that always seem to want more complete with sing along “Whoah”

Flowers At Your Door
Slow brooding out of the fog almost goth rock with a Sisters Of Mercy feel to the guitar. This is their ballad complete with baby baby references. Poignant in that it was written during the period of lockdown where reflection was high on many peoples agendas as we waited and wished to see and greet those loved ones who didn’t live under the same roof as us.

Lost angels
Has a mid tempo riff – you can almost see the guitars pointing at the crowd while the chords get repeated, sing along to us all saying we are all Lost Angels. This song was originally demoed in 1988 and both versions feature here.

No Lip
No surprise that this Dave Berry and subsequently Sex Pistols song is on the album. Of course it’s a more unknown Pistols track, No Lip. As Eugene Snarls out “Don’t you Give me no lip”, I wouldn’t want to.

Scars and memories
This kicks off almost Goldblade-esque in the era of asking if we believe in the Power of Rock’n’Roll, while rocking out almost Professionals style. Mid way it slows down with bass grumbling along until the mantra of “never Be free” screams out which is not opposite of what this band really stand for.

Rinsed is available now for pre-order, landing September 3


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