A state Of Emergency
The story of Ireland’s covid crisis
Richard Chambers
Harper and Collins

I’ve noted in this blog before that our lexicon of words has expanded over the past 2 years. We cared little about quarantine, isolation was a joy division song with no self added in to it. Antigen tests were not on our radar, along with school closures and social distancing. We know more about pharmaceutical companies now and vaccines and rollouts. Oh and illness, we are all over that!!!

This book is a reminder of how in 2 short years of a pandemic we roll from one crisis to the next, always feeling that the current one is the last. I’m part of a group that gets sent a weekly questionnaire and one recurring answer is “I cant put up with this pandemic much longer”. Thankfully I have never quantified long as I have been giving the same answer for months. Another asks for I think the worst of the pandemic is behind us, happening now or ahead of us. I always say happening now as these are the worst and best of times. 

We nearly lived in a state of emergency at the start of this monstrosity- our state was most definitely in an emergency and these pages are a chronological reminder. 

Remember COVID19 spreading like wildfire? Remember lockdown? Remember nursing homes being ravaged like wildfire? Remember all the deaths, the fear, the mistrust. There was a sunrise of vaccinations, there were hiccups along the way and Covid mutated. Frontline workers have battle scars from what has been a battle. This book reflects those heroics and remembers the sadness. 



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