Diverted from reality..Distracted to Death
Les Choeurs De L’enni / Destructure / symphony of destruction

This record is a reminder of this 1980’s gatefold sleeve records. One that folds put into a huge poster, covering the top half of your body as you try and read the lyrics and then try to digest it all. 

There’s tribal drumming as the words talk of people standing in line and obeying. People facing the future in one dimension. Guitar and bass plods along slowly in that tuneful almost got his way. For me it’s a slowed down Anti Sect. 

With lyrics in English and sleeve notes in French this Parisien three piece are looking to reach out through their music which makes it more that’s just music. Which pleases me. 

Protest and survive is a slogan used in song by Discharge, painted by many anarcho punk bands and has featured on a lot of studded leather jackets. Barren are still singing about and with all that’s going on it is still a timely reminder of what we need to be doing. 

Right throughout the eight songs I’m reminded of bands like anthrax, omega tribe, the mob, flux of pink Indians and the aforementioned anti sect. It is a tuneful, tribal pounding plea for a better world.


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