School Damage
Critical Excess
moms Basement

I remember as a young boy with my age barely in double digits going to school one day and seeing all the windows on one side of the school smashed to smithereens. I was thrilled by this mindless act of violence when in reality it just made the grumpy teachers grumpier and the violent Christian Brothers more violent. They went in the rampage trying to find out who did it. An find out they did as the culprit (a student of the school) was paraded around the classrooms. “This is why you will have your coats on for the next while” we were told.

Well I’m sure School Damage could have provided the soundtrack if only they were around 40+ years ago. Instead I’m in my 50s and the band names reminds me of those days. This 3 piece from Toronto, Canada, will know nothing of Donnycarney but their punk rock record has made it this far.

All told there’s 13 songs of tuneful fast punk rock. 3 albums in from the band and thankfully there is no sign of the easing off on this punk rock formula. Gruff vocals snarled at you in that way of saying they aren’t too bothered whether you like it or not. Punk rock tunes for you not to break school windows to.


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