Half Orphan
The knocking shop
Blue Potato Records

Prepare yourself for a bite size history lesson. The knocking shop appeared briefly in the 1990’s around Dublin’s burgeoning indie music scene . It was a scene that had roots in alternative music and dipped its toe in some hardcore but lots of people were trying different things. One such band was the knocking shop.

They originally formed in 1992 as a fallout from other bands with Seamus delivering a vocal style closer to Leonard Cohen than Frank Sinatra. Well vocals is one way of describing it. It was spoken word sung in a Fall-sequence manner. Seamus was that Mark E Smith the Dublin scene never really had. Some irony and sarcasm. They recorded and released a tape and eventually evolved into the Phantom Jets playing a nice surf rock sound.

I asked them some questions here a few years ago when they were undergoing something of a comeback. Since then the comeback became an idea about re-releasing their tape only release on vinyl. And that idea grew and grew.

The sound is captured perfectly on nice thick black vinyl sounding like it was recorded yesterday. A perfectly captured piece of Irish music history. Dive in and enjoy.


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