City Windows
Velvet Divorce
Midwest Migration Records

On the go since 2018 this is the follow up to City Windows debut record “Oxbow” and the San Diego punks have taken to doing it themselves.

What’s not to like with a band like City Windows? Melodic punk rock with gruff sing along vocals. This is the soundtrack style for many of my days, tuneful and heartfelt. The songs are filled with honest reflections delivering a cathartic release for both the band in its playing and the listener in consuming what is on offer.

Some solos along the way that depending on your intake of metal at an early age is appropriate or not (i was never a fan of the guitar solo – give me the riff any day)

With a unique ability to craft both infectious hooks and thought-provoking + socially conscious lyrics, “Velvet Divorce” explores themes of politics, big pharma, love, loss, and self-discovery.

Lyrically it condemns corruption and those who seem to hold the balance of influence in society not reflecting the true will of the people. All very laudible and well worth singing along to


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