Hollow River
We’re Going To Be OK

Hollow River is the brainchild of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mark MacDonald and he rleeased his new 6 song ep on Halloween. “I can sit around and complain about the same shit everyday but eventually I need a change” he pop punks his way through the first song. The song is MacDonald’s way pf poointing a finger at himself rather than others. At times he raps in that 90’s way along to a punkier soundtrack but it’s when the songs kick in that my interest gets piqued.

When they are left along as songs they can be singalong numbers like the poppier end of Jeff Rosenstock and I find my head nodding along aggressively and looking forward to the next bridge. It also brought back some memories of Atom and His Package.

When he raps it gets a bit too samey but there’s no doubting MacDonalds credentials. 6 pop punk songs with a bit of rap that are emotionally heartfelt for the player and the listener


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