On Oct 29th Rob Moss started his new project. The plan is to release 1 song on the last Sunday of each month over the next 11 and then put them all together. Each song will feature a different guest collaborating on lead guitar

Moss started his musical journey in DC in the 80’s and feature Government Issue and Artificial Peace amongst other DC royals on his CV. He has featured on here before with his last album

We just don’t Know is the first of the releases, and it sums up so much of the world but also reminding us that we don’t know what exactly is in store over the next year as the line up will change for each track. Like before it is a rocking poppy number that will have you sitting down wondering why the line “We just don’t know” is going round and round in your head.

This one features Charles Hansen on lead guitar. Hansen is a Boston local, like Moss now. We will wait for that last Sunday of each month over the next year to see who the other contributors will be.


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