Paranoid Visions

This band are so prolific I almost missed this release. 8 songs from a set last year at the Grand Social this continues the bands journey as Irelandsd most prolific punk band. The songs are spanning their existence with Strange Girl and Politician refelcting Ireland’s pre-Celtic Tiger animals. On the other Hand Missing in Action and Outsider Artist show the band just as effective in the 21st Century. This is a band that has seen Ireland through many guises and ages and have always looked with a critical eye on what is going on.

Beautifully designed by Cormac Figgis and excellent,y mixed by Pete Holidai this is the punk rock family that Paranoid Visions are firmly rooted in. It is a family that extends beyond the “septic isle” but for this release the release is from a gig in The Grand Social last year. The record doesn’t quite convey the anarchic mess that sometimes their gigs can be, it doesn’t capture Deko at its rawest spitting venom at the audience and throwing caustic remarks at professions and politicians. It does capture the melody in many of their songs and has Aoife and Deko’s voice at a level that isn’t competing with the instruments.

All in all a very worhty addition to your collection


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