This weeks Dublin gigs Apr 18 -24

Friday night is the night of the clashes - Jaya The Cat are bringing their Dutch/American reggae/ska/punk rock to the Grand Social : Protomartyr have the garage post punk sound sewn up in the Button Factory, Chuck Ragan has his punk folk acoustic Hot Water Music in Whelans while the Undertones will have the original punk pop tunes in the Academy. All in one night. Dublin you're cosmopliatan.

Book of the week sees the Rich crying for Momma

Did punk rock become a stale imitation of itself when people ceased being controversial? Is the swastika and rudeness of the pistols really what punk is it is the politics and inspiration of others. I prefer the latter and I’ve no doubt Minsker does. At times the pages reflect the former which really could just be part of the ruse

Book of the week – work without the worker

This book details the future of some work. When I’m not getting bogged down in the language of the future of work this is a hugely informative piece of work. Zero hour contracts, mechanical Turk and micro work are all titles  we must come to terms with and work to counteract against.

Book of the week is an emergency read

This book is a reminder of how in 2 short years of a pandemic we roll from one crisis to the next, always feeling that the current one is the last. I’m part of a group that gets sent a weekly questionnaire and one recurring answer is “I cant put up with this pandemic much longer”

This Weeks Dublin gigs Mar 15 – 21

For many of us St Patricks Day is a day to avoid town but there's a whole legion who will embrace Dublin City this week. Sterotypes a go go throughout the sea of green, leprechauns, snakes and Guinness but underneath it there's somoe nice events. Garry O'Neill and Niall McCormack from hi-tone books will be … Continue reading This Weeks Dublin gigs Mar 15 – 21