Play of the day is burning through

Three years since Burnt Tapes have released some music and they return with Hannah Hermione Greenwood on Vextra vocal duties. this time round it's a look into many of the darker emotions happening. Emotions that we can't ignore but need each other to help get through them.

Play of the day is not Hollow

When they are left along as songs they can be singalong numbers like the poppier end of Jeff Rosenstock and I find my head nodding along aggressively and looking forward to the next bridge. When he raps it gets a bit too samey but there's no doubting MacDonalds credentials. 6 pop punk songs with a but a rap that are emotionally heartfelt for the player and the listener

Get on your bikes and nab this

While their future was unwritten at the time Chester and Barrett have created many glorious moments since getting off that bike but now the band have been able to get their recorded output and have it ready for the new way of listening. Available now to stream you can find it in all its glory on the usual mind numbing streaming services.

Play of the day puts some extraa in your life

Extraas second album is now out for your delight, and as people put their phones in their pockets alighting the train for their days trivialities I wish they had some extraa in them for the day. It would help.

Play of the day gives me hope

86 hope are a three piece band from St Augustine in Florida. A long way from Dublin. They have a lo-fi production in a country punk vein. They will never be playing stadiums, will never have thousands of people singing along with one voice but there is something about this band and songs that resonates

Play of the day isn’t dead but alive with sound

It has a supporting caste of all his friends from his nomeansno days but this is far from a follow on. It's a new departure with a nod to the past. Like the way the world has moved on since those diy days it is still relevant to our everyday lives and this is one record to put on loud and enjoy.

This Weeks Gigs: Nov 6 – 12

It's a showgazers paradise at the start of the week with Explosions In the sky exploding Vicar Street and Slowdive gazing in the National Stadium. Goth legents Death Cult are in the Olympia while hardcore legends OFF! are in the Grand Social on the same night. OFF! feature Keith Morris (ex Circle jerks and Black … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Nov 6 – 12

Play of the day is all eyes open

When I hear bands that carry a torch to Wire, Mission of Burma or the Minutemen I get that sense of comfort. Like daffodils blooming they can all look slightly different and post-punk sounds can definitely have different ingredients.