Compilation 12″ from different sides of the diy underground scene in Dublin of the 90’s.  Ciunas punk out Operation Ivy style.  Wheel make some fine noise and In Motion and Mexican Pets light the underground flame

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A Statement is a Weapon In An Empty Hand – Compilation 12″

***Now out of stock but leaving it here as a memory****

It was Dublin 1991, Hope decided it would be a nice idea to document some of the sounds of the city at the time.  It seemed that a 12″ record would be a good way to do it.  And so it happened.  We asked a few of our favourite bands and Wheel, in Motion, Ciunas and mexican pets jumped on board.  We had no idea what to do next but the bands recorded it, we asked our friend in Rugger Bugger could they help.  Our friend designed a cover and we sent it all of to Mayking Record plant.  A porky prime cut it was and Rugger Bugger did all the leg work in the UK.  Borderline Record shop in Dublin accepted delivery and we had a record.

Hope Promotions went to be Hope records but it was only for a short while.  Records are hard to sell, bands are hard to push.  it was great fun though.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

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