Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Oct 31 1991 Pitchshifter, Golden Horde NCAD Oct 31 1991 Pitch Shifter, Jam Jar Jail, Dust Revolution - Fox + Pheasant Pitchshifter from Nottingham asked through their friend Stuart if they could come over . It was Hallowe'en and we managed to get them a gig at the NCAD hallowe'en ball as well as one in … Continue reading Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Babes In Toyland Irish tour 1991

Jul 20 1991 Babes In Toyland, Pet Lamb - Charlie's Jul 22 1991 Babes In Toyland, In Motion - Fox + Pheasant This was the twelfth Saturday afternoon gig of the year in Charlie’s. Southern Studios had been in touch about Babes In Toyland playing. They were going to play Belfast and Cork with THERAPY? … Continue reading Babes In Toyland Irish tour 1991

Econochrist tour 1991

Jul 13 1991 Econochrist, World Of Drums, Jam Jar Jail - Charlie's Jul 15 1991 Econochrist, The Grown Ups, Ciunas - Fox + Pheasant I had a bedsit that I gave over to bands when they were visiting. The neighbours never complained but I'm sure they wondered. I was away for the Econochrist tour.  There … Continue reading Econochrist tour 1991

NOFX, GO, Decline – Dublin 1991

Jun 1 1991 NOFX, GO, Decline Charlie's Again a case of two tours happening simultaneously and of us not wanting to say no. GO! from New York were an outspoken hardcore band that tackled many issues including homosexuality and discrimination. They wanted to come over with Decline form England. NOFX on the other hand wanted … Continue reading NOFX, GO, Decline – Dublin 1991

Slunk Irish tour 1992

Jan 20 1992 Slunk, Tension Barnstormers Jan 21 1992 Slunk Bolton St. Jan 24 1992 Slunk, Onion Breath, Arnheim Fox + Pheasant Slunk wrote to me and asked about coming over. They were really persistent and I admired their ethic. They just wanted to play music and see as many places as possible. A record … Continue reading Slunk Irish tour 1992

The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans – Dublin 1992

November 6 1992 The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans - Fox + Pheasant (moved from Charlies Bar) The Ex were a band whose records I listened to more than any others. I couldn’t hold back my excitement when Gaynor inquired about them coming over for one day with  Dog Faced Hermans. They were amazing and The … Continue reading The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans – Dublin 1992