Rebellion 2016 – Day 3

The ruts take the opera house by storm Rebellion 2016 - day 3 Nothing like a bit or raucous punk folk to start the day. I didn't make it to black pitts but will catch them in Dublin soon I hope. Matilda's Scoundrel were on the introducing stage and judging by the receptive crowd they … Continue reading Rebellion 2016 – Day 3

Hope Show 115 – the lowdown

Hope Show 115 - the lowdown   Hope Show 115 1. Black Bank Folk w/ Damien Dempsey - Aunt Jenny 2. The Clash - White Riot 3. Paranoid Visions - From Dublin With Love 4. Against Me - Pints of guinness makes you strong 5. The Three Johns - The World of the workers is … Continue reading Hope Show 115 – the lowdown

Hard Skin – We’re the Fucking Business

Hard Skin We're the Fucking Business JT Classics   So many football teams have them - players that don't pull their weight but seem to get away with it. Workplaces have them, people that turn up but do little and yet the bosses love them Hard Skin are that player, that workmate. They are … Continue reading Hard Skin – We’re the Fucking Business

Hard Skin – The One That Got Away 7″

Hard Skin The Ones That Got Away / The Bovver Boys Don't Bother Anymore JT Classics New 7" from everones favourite anti fascist skinhead punk band. Musicall they take all the best Oi tunes flavoured with cockney accents, as that was the language of the Oi scene. This is a double A-sided 7" in true … Continue reading Hard Skin – The One That Got Away 7″

Suspect Device *56

Suspect Device *56 Wow  56 issues of a self published magazine, or fanzine to me and you. I've written a few different zines since my first, Whose Life Is It Anyway back in 1984 when Suspect device was just starting.  Here they are 30 years on and still as keen and enthusiastic as ever.  The best … Continue reading Suspect Device *56

Rebellion 2015 – Day 3

Rebellion 2015 Day 3 I said it was a marathon and whilst Wonk Unit may have just arived in Blackpool this is the start of my third day. It's a great start for me though as I get to see a band I've been hearing and reading about for a couple of years and have … Continue reading Rebellion 2015 – Day 3

Rebellion 2014 – Day 3

Rebellion 2014 day 3 There's just so much to get through at this festival even as I arrive today For instance Hannah rickard and the relatives playing their doo wop rockabilly or Louise Distras discussing here career to date The literary stage had a great lineup his afternoon. The clashes first drummer Tory crimes (better … Continue reading Rebellion 2014 – Day 3

Hope show 32 – the lowdown

Hope Show 32 1 Torche - Walk It Off 2 Torche - Sky Trials 3 No Age - Defactor/ed 4 Goldblade - We're All in it together 5 Rudimentary Peni - The Curse 6 Rudimentary Peni - The Crime OF The Century 7 Hunx and his punx - You think You're Tough 8 Hooligan - … Continue reading Hope show 32 – the lowdown

2 for the price of 2 – Hard Skin

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear / On The Balls jtclassics records During my days on the football pitch I developed a (some would say annoying) habit of repeating every call I made. As a goalkeeper, on the last line of defence, I could be heard duplicating my every order. "Clear, clear"! "Away, Away!" I suppose … Continue reading 2 for the price of 2 – Hard Skin