Get on your bikes and nab this

While their future was unwritten at the time Chester and Barrett have created many glorious moments since getting off that bike but now the band have been able to get their recorded output and have it ready for the new way of listening. Available now to stream you can find it in all its glory on the usual mind numbing streaming services.

For one night our souls were alive again

the next new low - button factory feb 19 2022 A Lazarous Soul + The Next New Low Button Factory / Feb 19 2022 So did that past 2 years really happen? You know those times when we couldn’t attend funerals, or visit people in hospital or for those in work who should but couldn’t … Continue reading For one night our souls were alive again

Upcoming Gigs – December 11 – 17

It's Christmas so we are all in benevolent mood and a hugely important event is on this friday which means a lot to anyone around the edge of the Dublin punk scene. Run On's, objectorz and stoat are playing in drop Dead Twice Tap Room in a very personal benefit for oureoin. Here's a message … Continue reading Upcoming Gigs – December 11 – 17