the next new low – button factory feb 19 2022

A Lazarous Soul + The Next New Low

Button Factory / Feb 19 2022

So did that past 2 years really happen? You know those times when we couldn’t attend funerals, or visit people in hospital or for those in work who should but couldn’t attend the workplace? The art of conversation faded as faceless chats took precedent.

You couldn’t then you could then you couldn’t then, depending on whether you were tested, vaccinated or recovered could you travel beyond your domain. You didn’t then you did then you didn’t really then, you need to have the best mask possible for your face. And now it’s all up to you. Your choice. Get sick if you want we are going partying again.

I’m happy that’s where we are at now. I’ve got used to my own space in recent months. I’m comfortable being with family and close friends. I’m lucky. I want little else but the glimpse of live music has brought me back.

Knowing I had a ticket for A Lazarous Soul made me happy. This was a gig that nearly did but then didn’t but now is happening. And for good measure the next new low is kicking off proceedings. My first time in a venue this year and Brian is plodding along singing his beautiful songs. Beautiful and poignant. Well worth missing the Dublin footballers for. These songs demand complete attention, unfortunately there’s too many excited people not ready to stay quiet. I close my eyes, nearly shed a tear as I think of the past 2 years and realise how lucky I am to hear such a voice live.

And in a flash they are done. Songs that take you in the slow lane to wherever you want to go. They rush nowhere, slow down and absorb the sound. Amazing. 

I could have gone home happy after that 30 mins but a few Reggae songs over the sound system later and the live music is back. Lazarous returned and the home crowd gloriously accepted it. Right from when Brian steps up to the mic and says “howyiz” I knew I was back. Smiling and beguiling. There’s is a sound proudly singing of a city that once was home to community. They seek the return of this and for the night we have it. Brian’s Dublin brogue has lost none of its dialect while Joe has spent much of the past 2 years improving his guitar skills. They could play these songs with their eyes closed and for much of the set my eyes are closed. I was excited waiting for this night and my excitement didn’t disappoint. They say never meet your heroes well for an hour tonight these were my heroes on stage. 

And they didn’t disappoint


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