Ten Speed Racer
Eskimo Beach Boy
Streaming now (Planetary Discs)

Well this is exciting. Ten Speed Racer came about at the turn of the millenium, young rockers ready to take on the world. The Barret Boys, Pat, John and Dermot were joined along the way by their friends Joe Chester and Terry Cullen. After a couple of years they were ready to record an album. The readied themselves for that next step. 2 decades ago that record was released. It’s title was Eskimo Beach Boy and the boys brought a new soundscape to irish Rock. It had harmonies, it had riffs and underneath it all was an ability to write songs. these people may have been friends but they were songwriters too. Like the Whipping Boy who had travelled the road on the past there was a a glorious use of guitar. Yeah, they wewre championed at the time. The music press loved them, some people went to see them. US College Radio played them but circumstances dictated the bands music never really made it out there.

While their future was unwritten at the time Chester and Barrett have created many glorious moments since getting off that bike but now the band have been able to get their recorded output and have it ready for the new way of listening. Available now to stream you can find it in all its glory on the usual mind numbing streaming services.


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