Cowboy Killers Irish tour – 1990

Jan 18 1991 Cowboy Killers - NCAD Jan 19 1991 Cowboy Killers, Shred, Paranoid Visions - Attic Jan 21 1991 Cowboy Killers, Paranoid Visions - Grattan Through SKETCH I came into contact with the drummer of Cowboy Killers, Kip Xool. They were based in Wales and really wanted to come over to Ireland. Paddy was … Continue reading Cowboy Killers Irish tour – 1990

Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Oct 31 1991 Pitchshifter, Golden Horde NCAD Oct 31 1991 Pitch Shifter, Jam Jar Jail, Dust Revolution - Fox + Pheasant Pitchshifter from Nottingham asked through their friend Stuart if they could come over . It was Hallowe'en and we managed to get them a gig at the NCAD hallowe'en ball as well as one in … Continue reading Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Membranes Tour 1988

May 15 1988 Membranes, Pleasure Cell, Not Our World Connolly Youth Hall May 18 1988 Membranes, Not Our World Underground May 20 1988 Membranes, Not Our World, A House, Louis Stewart Christchurch Cathedral   John Robb of The Membranes was the musical catalyst for me to start putting on regular gigs. His boundless energy and … Continue reading Membranes Tour 1988