React Benefits – Dublin 1991

May 23 1991 Ogre, Shred, Stone Pony, Tension - Fox + Pheasant May 30 1991 Grown Ups, Onion Breath, Jam Jar Jail, Pet Lamb - Fox + Pheasant React was 7 issues old and had grown to 2000 copies per month. It was now being printed by Atko-print, Miriam's cousin. He had his own printing … Continue reading React Benefits – Dublin 1991

Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH – Dublin 1992

March 19 1992 Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH Barnstormers I was thrilled when Spermbirds asked to come over. They had been going for a few years and I suppose I always viewed them as a "big" band, in that they wouldn't need Hope Promotions if they wanted to play Ireland. Robbie Foy was now booking the … Continue reading Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH – Dublin 1992

Slunk Irish tour 1992

Jan 20 1992 Slunk, Tension Barnstormers Jan 21 1992 Slunk Bolton St. Jan 24 1992 Slunk, Onion Breath, Arnheim Fox + Pheasant Slunk wrote to me and asked about coming over. They were really persistent and I admired their ethic. They just wanted to play music and see as many places as possible. A record … Continue reading Slunk Irish tour 1992