This weeks Dublin gigs feb 8 – 13

Venues are starting to book again and people are gaining confidence to go out and hear some live music. Of course these things don't just happen so gigs need to be planned in advance but we are getting there. Big news this week is Bob Log III playing in the Bello Bar on Saturday. A … Continue reading This weeks Dublin gigs feb 8 – 13

This weeks gigs Feb 1

Wow, kind of weird to be talking about gigs and looking at the schedule it seems like bands are starting to travel. Hopefully this is the road we stay on but let's not divide and we can look forward to getting back out there into packed rooms when we are happy to be out there in packed rooms

This Weeks Gigs – Oct 14 – 20

One big gig in Dublin this week is the tribute to David Berman. David Berman, pavement hero of the Silver Jews and the comeback king of Purple Mountains, passed on August 7. He left behind a corduroy suit made of a hundred gutters, jagged skylines of car keys, 50,000 beer cans and a wild kindness. … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Oct 14 – 20