This weeks Gigs – Aug 12 – 18

It's quality over quantity this week as the singer songwriting skills of Goodtime John and Brian Mooney are on display on Monday.  It gets heavier from there with Killing Joke and Radical Dance Faction hitting the Academy on Wednesday.  DIY Hardcore has the flag raised on Saturday with the third All Ireland Hardcore festival taking … Continue reading This weeks Gigs – Aug 12 – 18

This Weeks Gigs – Feb 26 – Mar 3

This weeks gigs Feb 26 - Mar 3 Loads happening in Dublin this weekend but the punks will be heading to the button factory for Ruts DC while those with more of an incling to their history of noise will be celebrating 30 years of Daydream Nation with Steve Shelley in the IFI. Hayseed Dixie … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Feb 26 – Mar 3