ictu women’s conference – day 2

ictu womens conference Day 2 march 4 2016 We start the second day with Motion 10 detailing changes to sick leave entitlement, seeking that any pregnancy related sick leave will not be counted against entitlements under current Public Service Sick Leave provisions, as austerity cuts were not just pay and pensions but also changes to … Continue reading ictu women’s conference – day 2

ICTU BDC Day 3 July 2013

Day 3 Day 3 ICTU conference July 2013 "History will look back on this being a defining conference for the trade union movement" David Begg told us at the end of this session. A session that saw a further 14 motions pass almost unanimously, including 2 emergency ones. I don't think that is the history … Continue reading ICTU BDC Day 3 July 2013

ICTU Conference Belfast July 2013

Day 1 It was with some trepidation and excitement that I attend my first ICTU conference. I have been involved in trade unions in various shapes and guises since entering the workforce in 1987. I have stepped up this involvement in recent years and have been on the edge of the ICTU family. This was … Continue reading ICTU Conference Belfast July 2013

Hope show the sixth

I've had an intersting week. I am finally settling ijn to my new house and the dust is getting a bit clearer. This week was union activity week and we were looking at ways our union can reach out to members. It is hard to find actions that say YOU are the union, get involved … Continue reading Hope show the sixth

Global Solidarity Summer School – day 1

"Knowledge is power and I'm looking forward to bathing in know,edge and spreading it after the weekend" is how ICTU President Eugene McGlone ended his welcome address today at the 4th annual Global solidarity summer school in Wexford. Eugene's words came after Minister of State Joe Costello opened the summer school with words about his … Continue reading Global Solidarity Summer School – day 1