Play of the day – the man is (not) Ignorant

The sound here is as good as any recording I’ve heard Steve play on. The feeling bleeds through the speakers. It’s not something that would win a song contest and I’m sure Steve is fine with that. It’s him stripped bare and raw.

Play of the day – the boys are getting Oily

Take a journey through the darkness and intense world of oily boys. where each song merges into the other exploding through your speakers. It almost feels like they are trying to wake you from a comfort zone and unsettle through the noise. 

Play of the day Canadian Anti Fascist Street Punks Back Breaker

Kitchener punks with 5 songs saluting the working class and those fighting fascism. Back breaker are wearing their heart on whatever patch they put on their harrington jackets. They want us to raise our fists and voices, for workers to stick together and most importantly of all avoid blaming the vulnerable for the issues of the world.

Play of the day – Bobby is a singer

When Olivier wanted to put a project together on the noisier sphere of punk rock he couldn't find anyone to assist so in true punk rock fashion he has done it himself. This album is a complete find for me. One that has me screaming phonetically along to the noise on offering from this French musician.

Play of the day Alexis Marshall challenges with his debut

This is not an album for those seeking tunes to get them through the day. It is a reflection of a mind trying to come to terms with what is going on in this crazy busy world, trying to make sense when sometimes there is no sense to be made.

Manchester Punk Festival April 2022 Dare We Dream

As the world is starting to dream again the announcement that the Manchester Punk festival will be back next year is exciting news. High point for me is that Jeff Rosenstock is playing as we will all be rushing, hoping we can get in to see him.