When Rock n Roll came to Ireland! The National Stadium was there!
This is a great one. Front page of the Irish Press, November 19th 1956. It is one of the first, probably the first, rock n roll gig in Southern Ireland. I like the description of the crowd response: “The performances were punctuated by hand-clapping, cheering, whistling and a few boos. Occasionally enthusiasts rose to their feet to demonstrate physically the effects of the music on them.”
Irish Press Monday, November 19, 1956 Page: 1
It is funny to think how many outstanding artists performed at the National Stadium. It was built for boxing, yet from the start it was used as a music venue. Another early gig was by Louis Armstrong in May 1956. In fact he played two sets that day. A matinee gig was added although the reviews suggested it was only half full. Either way it is proof that by the late 1950s jazz had a fairly decent audience in Dublin. His film appearances certainly helped make him a recognisable figure in that era.
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