I was reading about Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark on the Guardian website while eating my breakfast yesterday. In the comments section there was a link to this INCREDIBLE site. It looks like some Irish person has gone to A LOT of trouble to scan in copies of Smash Hits magazine from the 1980s. Most people probably don’t appreciate that before it became the exclusive domain of boy and girl bands for teens it actually covered some really good music. I know that term ‘good music’ is pretty subjective, yet the ska and two-tone of the early 80s was incredible music. A lot of the post punk music was interesting too. Anyhow even though I have no time these days for anything…I did manage to take a trip down memory lane via the scans of Smash Hits. The interview with Malcolm McLaren was really interesting. And the behind-the-scenes report on the new pop show called the Tube was also really interesting. Host Paula Yates came across really badly, while co-host Jools Holland came across much better. There was a really funny insight into how the bands and their management behaved too. Twisted Sister (remember ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’?) were very angry when the photographer took snaps of them during rehearsal. Their manager demanded the camera so he could destroy the film lest their fans see them without make up! Also mentioned was how Motorhead were really angry to avoid Iggy Pop who was on the same show as them. Apparently he had bitten one of them at a previous meeting.
Metal bands and manners!
Thank you to the magnificent blogger at Like Punk Never Happened. Blogspot.ie

The issue at the top of the page is 30 years old and features Malcolm McLaren, The Tube and the Jam. Does life get any better?


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