othered voices (http://farcryproductions.weebly.com/) is a wonderful idea. Brought to people as part of temple bar trad fest it is a left field look at the city and the part we play in todays society.

Tonights gathering of 50 people in a small room on Ormond Quay was a treat. Councillor Mannix Flynn is the curator and he spoke eloquently about the arts speaking for the people and tonights artists were ones that speak from from the heart.

Ophelia McCabe started with a beautiful haunting solo piece. One women and her voice it had us enraptured. She then did two rap pieces and had me muttering (go back to the singing your voice is amazing).

tempermental MissElaynious is a rapper from Finglas and she sure can rap. She puts some amounts of words into each piece. Tonight she was the voice with no backing track, Dublins answer to Benjamin Zephaniah. Cailin Rua was the highlight complete with bodhran.

Jinx was introduced last and he is part punk poet, troubador with slightle eccentric songs. A political Aidan Walsh if you will. One man, a guitar, a beatbox and a penchant for making you think. Jinx sings as he sees it, his job as night porter in a hospital sums him up. You can imagine him with his headphones on making up all sorts of quirky tales about modern life as he sees what life throws at people.

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