Government Issue – Where You Live
Great St Louis – RedEye
Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides
Hard Skin – Sausage Man
The Evens – Timothy Wright
Deathfix – Hospital
Fugazi – Dear Justice Letter
Channels – MayDay
Southport – Days Like These, Kings
Snuff – Too Late
Good Luck – Novel Figure
No Choice – control
Glimmerman – Satellite People
The Members – Sound of the suburbs
Hanson Brothers – 130 + 10%
TV SMith – No Time To Be 21
The flatliners – And the world files for Chapter 11

Tonight I’m mixing the old with the new with links everywhere

The sun is shining outside but my hear is cold (a little bit anyway). There has been a Government Issue this week to make me work an extra 2 and 1/4 hours per week. Where You live is from the excellent Finale Album. The Great St Louis are a cool tuneful band from the UK. They have a few releases an on the excellent Boss Tuneage label. Red Eye is from a Boss Tuneage collection. Years ago there was a band called Glue from Scotland. I followed them with great interest across the Irish Sea. Their guitarist Alan McNaughton moved to San Francisco, wrote for MRR and it feels like we have been great friends ever since since through his writings. He formed a band and brought out this excellent Playing Both Sides 72. here is that track.
Hard Skin were over in Ireland recently and featured on this show. Sausage Man is from the On The Balls part of their new records. The Evens are from Washingotn DC, they released their third album this year, the odds. Timothy Wright is from this album. Deathfix are also from DC and on Dischord, their new album is called Deathfix and Hospital is the third song on that album. The evens feature Ian McKaye from Fugazi and Deathfix feature Brendan Canty – what more of a reason do you need to play Fugazi. Channels feature J Robbins and Janet Morgan – Janet Was in Shonben with Scott from Hard Skin and released an album on Newest Industry Records (see later in the show for another circle linking these)

Southport have a great new album our called Southern Sounl – they also have a great album called Armchair Supporter, I played one track from each album and put in Snuff for good measure as Simon was in Snuff. We move over to Gainesville Florida for Good Luck on No Idea Records. I bought their Without Hesitaion lp recently and it is a great find. Novel Figure is one of 11 great tracks.

AS mentioned earlier Shonben featured Janet Morgan from Channels and their label also released No Choice from Wales. Control is taken from this album. Glimmerman from Dublin released Satellite People last year and travelled all the way to Maryland to record it, J Robbins from Channels produced it and here is the title song.

This is recorded in the Suburbs and this radio show is summed up by this song form the Members – Sound of the suburbs indeed. A Sound not fromn the Suburbs ius the Hanson Brothers. NomeansNo wirght brothers pay homage tothe Ramones – had me jumping around my bedroom recording this show. 130 + 10% is from the My Game album. I love TV Smith, he was in the Adverts way back in the day and is still churning them out. This is from the album he recorded live which is a copy of the adverts crossing the red sea with the adverts. When I started work back in 1987 this album was my taped music for getting me through each day. When I finished my 6.57 each day i went home with the adverts tunes in my head and dreams of the world changing in my heart.

It has certainly changed alright but I’m now gonna be in that room longer each day

The flatliners ended it all up with And the World Files for chapter 11 from the Great Awake album. Uplifting and we have to be positive through it all

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