One half of a CENTURY

1. Palma Violets – Best of Friends
2. The Answer Lies – A Political Song for my Emoticon To Sing
3. the objectorz – It’s 10 o clock
4. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Red Top Bullshit
5. Menshevik – Draw The Line
6. HDQ – Down But Not Out
7. Stay Clean Jolene – Record
8. Fes Parker – UNtitled No 1
9. King Champion SOunds – Shouting At The Moon
10. Folk IMplosion – One Part Lullaby
11. The Mighty Stef – She can see the angels coming
12. Sullivan and Gold – Jigsaws
13. Stand Out Riot – British Nazi Parade
13. The Ungnomes – Religion
15. Loose Dudes – I’m Poor
16. Office Of Future Plans – The Loyal Opposition
17. Crash of Rhinos – Sum OF All Parts
18. So COw – Inish Meain
19. Statics – Track4
20. Joe Solo – Blood Runs Red

First Show of 2014 and with plenty planned for the new year I’ve
gone for the underdogs tonight. not with everything as it still
needs to be mixed up a bit and I wanted to start of with Palma

After that it’s fast for a few minutes. the objectorz rock out and revenge of psychotronic man speed things up with their
hardcore sound. menshevik show influneces from New York Hardcore
for their new 7″ HDQ have been flying the flag for years. Down
But Not Out is from their re-issued Soulfinder record. HDQ are
playing in Bolton with Stay Clean Jolene and SOuthport in
February. I’m very excited about it, so much so that I will be travelling over to it

Just over 16 minutes and 7 songs in. Wow that was quick. Manchester institution Fes Parker has never been played on the
show so what better time to redress that. If Ajay was still
living in Manchester I have no doubt he would be involved in the
Fes Parker album. He moved to Amsterdam many moons ago and
instead is playing in King Champion Sounds. This is from their
new album.
In the real world Ajay tour manages and provides excellent sound
to bands. One of these people os Lou Barlow so in the interests
of contiuity I’ve decided to play One Part Lullaby by Lou’s folk implosion. I could have played Sebadoh or Dinosaur Jnr but went for the sweet sound instead.

There is something about the Mighty Stef that I really like but can’t quite explain. I bet he listens to the Clash, that must be
it. The dublin folk troubador issued this just before Christmas together with a few festive soings that I wll have to wait til
next December to play

Sullivan and Gold released and intersting record last year.
Thoughtful and sombre but most of all NICE.
It is now time for a speed change so where better to turn to then Stand Out Riot with an Anti-Fascsit song. Good to send a reminder at the start of 2014 that fascism is evil. Never forget!

A band that has stood out against fascism down through the years were the mekons from leeds. Main protaganist , John Langford, was also in the Three Johns and I’ve played some of his solo stuff here. In what could well be a first for this show his son is now in a band, ungnomes – here is a song from their new record. Like father like son eh?

Office Of Future PLans s/t album on Dischord is pone that I keep going back to so why not make it onto the first show of the year.

Crash of Rhinos are new to me but have that yangent noise sound I like in a band

I rre-read So Cows interview in Razorcake this week. It reminded me of the Galway based band who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

The Statics have been like their name in recent times but I got some tracks sent to me before Christmas. I hope they do something with these as they are both winners.

What better way to finish of the first show of 2014 than with a song by Joe Solo. The new album is No Pasaran, officially released this week so it can make 2014 bext of. Recommended.

Happy new year

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