Hope Show 53 – Mostly New to me with some classics

1. Bear trade – Wake
2. Menshevik – Draw The Line
3. Crane – Burning Hole
4. Bobot Adrenaline – Viktor’s Misery
5. Crash Of Rhinos – The Reason I took so long
6. Emm Gryner – Nowhere
7. The UnGnomes – Georgie The Pumpkin
8. Topbunk – Branigan
9. Stay Clean Jolene – Old Songs
10. Sink – Anarush
11. Out of Trust – Occupy The World
12. The Flatliners – I AM Abandoned
13. Goldblade – Do You Believe In The Power of Rock’n’roll
14. Wringer – Closed Book
15. Holy Rollers – Worlds Apart
16. The Pukes – Will I Learn?
17. Personnel – Consumer Electronics
17. Bill Blood – Evil Eye
18. So Cow – Last Train to Pyongang
19. Papermoons – Matchbook
20. The Ex – Listen to the Painters

The lowdown – you can google them yourselves

Bear Trade are new to me, pretty exciting
Menshvik were new to me last month, I saw them on Wednesday and they were ragin’ full on, exciting new 7″ OUT NOW
Crane are old to me but never OLD in that sense
Bobot Adrenaline are on GC records and I got a compilation recently, it’s cool
Crash of Rhinos have a new record out, you might like it
Emm Gryner has a great voice. She released an album of covers by Irish bands, kind of novel and interesting. Here’s her take on Therapy?
The Ungnomes play punk rock from Chicago, I like their youthful carefree attitude
Topbunk is where I wished I used to sleep, I was on the bottom
Stay Clean Jolene have a great single out, I love it you should too.
You would love K-Line too, if you listened to them more, great album on Boss Tuneage, featuring Ed Wenn from Big Ray who I will be playing over the next few weeks. You have been informed.
Out of Trust are from Claifornia This is from their Healthy loud and hponest album, good sing along punk hardcore
The sort of sound the flatliners have down to a tee
2 reasons for playing Goldblade, 1 they played a great set last night in DUblin adn 2 I love them
Wringer’s bullfighter album is out now so I’m sharing them with you
Holy Rollers were amazing in Dublin in 1991, wonder what they are doing now
It’s always good the hear the Pukes Uke-Punk, from their 7″ last year. Just heard they will be playing rebellion in August, glad I got a ticket as a Chrismtas present now
Personnel have a new single out, one of their Personnel was in the excellent Shitty Limits, great recommendation.
I bought the Bill Blood album last July and misplaced it til this week. Cool Irish record from Redneck Manifesto’s Niall Byrne (who’s other previous band Flexihead played with Holy Rollers at that aforementioned Dublin gig)
So Cow are based in Galway and wriote cool songs
Papermoons are touring UK soon with football etc, that’d be a nice double bill
The Ex have a new sngle out and will be touring the UK in April of and I’m going to see them in Birmingham. YESSSSSSSS, new single should have arrived by the nest show

Stay Punk

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