Hope Show 54

“The way we see it punk rock is all about trying to lay your soul bare, to say something and connect with people and inspire people to do the same.” cat on form

1. Bear Trade – Age Is a high price to pay for maturity
2. Tone – Incoming
3. The Magnificent – Search Party
4. Personnel – Modern Drab
5. Cat On Form – Sell the kids to the kids
6. Shitty Limits – Swallowed Whole
7. Big Ray – Ten Feet Tall
8. The Ex – Cold Weather
9. Statics – Viewfinder
10. The Mekons – Slightly South of the Border
11. Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home?
12. MDC – Gig and die in LA
13. Vlad and the Impalers – Army Now
14. NOFX – Secret Society
15. Lights & Motion – Home
16. Family Planning – SwingPigs
17. The Evens – I Do Myself

Starting off tonight with Bear Trade from their recent record on waterslide.

Tone are from Washington, not to be confused with the TOne from England. Their off kilter Jazzy sound has been replaced with a more heavy dreamy pronouncement for the new record out now

THe Magnificent’s album came out a coouple of years ago but it has received little press which is a shame as it rocks.

I’m loving Personnels new record. Four songs of Gang Of FOur style angry angular guitar. Every now and then such a band come along, like the Shitty Limits or Cat on Form and I wonder why can’t they go on forever.

SInk played in Dublin way back and were great people. Ed from Sink was in the Stupids and then went on to play in Big Ray. Big Ray had some great songs with a huge guitar sound. Ed has now made their songs available online. You should track them down, it’ll be worth it. Brillinat

I could play the Ex every week and have enough songs for years of shows. They have released som many records in their 30 year history. The new record hasn’t arrived yet but this Cold Weather is really back!!

The statics are from Dublin and have recorded some new material. I played one song a couple of weeks ago so thought it was time to play the other one tonight

I suppose if I can play Big Ray I can play the mekons (actually I can play whatever I like, the beauty of doing your own radio show). This album originally came out a cassette only release in 1987 but was re-mastered for Cd. It’s a live anarchic country music fuelled shambles. The Mekons were great

I suppose considering the Winter Olympics have just started it’s apt to play a song by the Athletics. It is no reflection on the homophobic nature of certain countries which has been further exacerbated in this country by commentary on same sex marriage. Best let Panti do the explaining.

Time to get the punk going again and where better than with MDC form their Hey Cop If I had A Face Like Yours?, gig and die in LA

Vlad and the impalers have been punking it for a few years now as have NOFX

Changing the mood before the end is Lights And Motion, just to slow it down a bit with their full dreamy almost cinemalike sound

Family Planning are from Dublin – It’s kind of hard to find much about them onlione although you sure do get a lot of results back from a google search. This ep came out last year

It’s always good to start with, finish with or have the evens inbetween. The odds lp came out with a blaze of glory last year and deservedly so. Have you got it yet?

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